New Year, New Career

The new year comes with a lot of resolutions and instead of the normal resolutions, here is a resolution that is a breath of fresh air.

Your resolutions can be basic, like option number one, eat healthy and go to the gym, both are still good, but tend to die out by the end of the year.

Or your resolution can be life changing, like option number two, embark on a new career journey and earn life long skills and knowledge.

A Job vs a Career

So what’s the difference between a job and a career?

A “job” is just that. It gets by, it does the bare minimum. It’s short term, “jobs” can barely last more than a few years and rarely yield purposeful futures.

A “career” is long term, giving you knowledge and skills to apply to your future. There is always room to grow and continue forward. Your values align with your career and your day to day become less of a “grind” and more of a “journey.” Your future is just a tiny bit clearer with career path set in place.

Why the beauty industry?

The beauty industry offers you the ability to be YOU. Create your own schedule and enter the market as soon as your are finished with school and state licensing. Within this industry there is large variety of specializations! Never get stuck doing the same things day in and day out. Every day is filled with new people and experiences. New purpose, consistent growth, and a wealth of knowledge.

So why NOW?

The new year is the perfect time for reflection and trying new ideas! Why not add the adventure of knowledge and skill to your journey!