Beyond the Chair

More Beyond the Chair

What does it mean when we say behind the chair?

It’s the “field work” of the beauty industry! It’s connecting with new, and interesting people everyday, and being their day maker while revamping their look.

It’s doing cuts and colors, continuously staying in trend and continuing to grow your knowledge with education.

It’s taking an ordinary day and making it extraordinary!

So what’s beyond the chair?

Sometimes being behind the chair just isn’t the right fit for everyone! That’s okay, your cosmetology license opens up opportunities for you that step away from the chair!

So you still want to stay in that salon or spa environment, you love taking care of clients and building connections. Maybe doing hair just isn’t your thing.  You can turn to skin care, skin care includes facials, waxing, spa services, and more.  You can turn from hair to beautify your clients’ skin!

Maybe your niche is makeup and you love a good bake and contour. Weddings and events, or even movie sets! Makeup artists transform clients with skilled makeup techniques. Having a cosmetology license will set you apart from many freelance makeup artists, making you more appealing to makeup brands!

Okay, how bout this, you’ve had a successful career behind the chair and you’re ready to do something different. For some at this point they want to own their own salon and have that be your own boss life.

For others owning a business is just not the step they want to take. There’s another route they can go!

Education! Give back to the next generation with your knowledge of the industry! Cosmetology/Esthetician instructors have even more opportunities than if they had stayed behind the chair! Some people even go on to open up their own beauty schools!

Our conclusion is wherever you want your career to take you, there are many career options you can explore along the way. The first step is having a license in the beauty and wellness industry.