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Holiday Season Hair Trends November 23, 2022

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Holiday Season Hair Trends

As we all prepare for the holiday season, most of us are probably aware of how busy the Beauty Industry gets during this season. Getting an appointment last minute in a Salon or Spa for any beauty services become a challenge. Our Beauty School, The Salon Professional Academy Fort Myers, is also preparing for the busy season. Our training program focuses on preparing our students with the tools and knowledge to service our guests with upcoming hair trends. Let’s discuss some of the hair trends we have been  seeing in the salon.

Holiday Season Hair Trends at The Salon Professional Academy Fort Myers

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Deeper Brunettes

What typically happens during the fall and winter season with haircolor tends to be on the darker side. Brunettes with highlights are open to deeper toners to reduce contrast. Our blonde highlight guests are transitioned to a shadowed effect sometimes called root extension or root smudge. It’s so interesting that due to the season bringing overall darkness to the world, the hair color trends adjust the same way.

Minimal Highlights / Face Frame Highlights

As we mentioned above, because the haircolor trend shifts to deeper tones, highlights become minimal to show off that depth. Face Frame Highlights accentuate the Facial Features, along with adding some contrast to the deeper base color. Customization happens with placement depending on how bold or soft the highlight effects are desired. In our advanced curriculum for Cosmetology, we have been working with Express Balayage Highlights that are perfect for this season. Whether done with foils or with hand painted techniques, our students are prepared with many approaches to highlighting in our advanced academy.

Reflective Browns

As we have seen with the “Mushroom Brown” trend in recent years, we continue to see brunettes with interesting tonal reflections to be popular. Brown is sometimes considered a boring color if it lacks richness and reflection. We encourage our guests and students to play with the different tones offered in the brown category. There is a reason that haircolor brands like Redken has more than Plain Brown for our clients. Violet is a beautiful flavor to add into brown for increased cooler tones and subtle violet reflections, along with reds & coppers.

Haircare Treatments

During the fall and winter months, the weather cools down and humidity decreases. Because of that, a lot of us deal with dry hair, scalp, and skin. It is so important to be using the correct shampoo, conditioner, and treatments to counteract those drying effects. In our training floor with our guests, our students consult with each guest on haircare regimens that will help improve the integrity of your hair and scalp. Book an appointment with one of our talented students to ask about your customized recommendations during your services.

Healthy Length Removal

Whether you like your hair long, medium, or short, the important thing is that your hair is healthy. Unfortunately treatments can only do so much when it comes to split/dead ends, as they are used more for prevention. It is amazing what a 2 to 3 inch trim can do for the overall health and appearance of the hair. I’m a firm believer in any length being in trend at any season, it just has to be healthy. Just like one of the top shoe brands say, “just do it”.


When hair lacks shine, it looks flat and mat, giving off the impression that its unhealthy. One of the most popular services we recommend in the salon is a shine treatment called glazing, gloss, overlay, or toner. At our Beauty School and Salon, we offer Redken’s Shades EQ gloss, which is the best Demipermanent in the beauty industry. It adds immediate shine to the hair without affecting the natural or artificial hair color using the clear formula. Learn more about Redken through

In our curriculum for Cosmetology and Esthetics, our focus is always on foundations. With firm foundations, we believe that our students are capable of adapting their learning into any of the current Holiday Season Hair Trends.  For those that are interested in a career in the Beauty Industry, please contact Brittany at to book a tour of our school. We can’t wait to welcome this busy holiday season with beautiful hair and skin to end this year with a bang!

With much love,

Ty Isobe



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