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Top 5 reasons to be in the Beauty Industry December 9, 2022

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Beauty Industry

Join the Beauty Industry

Is the Beauty Industry right for you? Here are the reasons why it might be.

The Beauty Industry has always evolved overtime, but we see a very rapid change in the last decade or two. Now is better than ever to join the Beauty Industry whether you want to work with hair, skin, or nails. The Beauty Industry employment opportunity is estimated to increase 11% in the next decade, according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Even though the Pandemic impacted the industry in a devastating way, the recovery is rapid and with much potential. Let’s take a look at the Top 5 reasons we think you should attend The Salon Professional Academy Ft Myers and join the Beauty Industry.

It’s Recession Proof

The Beauty Industry, whether it is Cosmetology or Esthetics, is famously known to be recession proof. The main reason for the Cosmetology side is that everyones hair will always grow or have gray hair, thus they will always need maintenance. For the Esthetics side, youthful skin is something women are keen on maintaining. Just for these simple reasons, the Beauty Industry is known for being recession proof, or at least resilient. People also need to have their hair done even through a recession if they are applying for job interviews and look the part. We could list infinite reasons for the Industry’s resilience through a recession, but we’ll stop here for now.

Intimate Relationship Building

When our students are out on the salon floor and spa treatment rooms, they first hand experience the relationship building that happens between an operator and client. The salon and spa is famous for strong relationships, where things are shared in conversations that happen nowhere else. Clients tend to open up to hairdressers and estheticians due to the trust and safe feeling that happens over time. It’s one of the most  amazing relationships you’ll build, and some last through the whole career or through generations of clients.

Extremely Creative

If you are looking for a creative outlet and make a career out of it, you must consider the Cosmetology Training or Esthetics Training. Haircolor, Haircutting, Nails, Facial techniques, Advanced skincare treatments, are all customized to each client according to individual needs and wants. As a hairdresser, I love that even the same haircut looks different on each client, and 1 color formula on 10 different people creates 10 different results. As a specialist in the field of Cosmetology or Esthetics, you will feel the fulfilling satisfaction of being able to exert your creative side while building wealth.

A Skillset that never goes to waste

After attending Cosmetology School or Esthetics School, you might decide this isn’t the right field for you. The good news is that the skillset learned doesn’t have to go to waste. Being able to give your family free haircuts for the rest of your life is not what we are referring to. I have mentioned this before, but our owner of the school first got her Cosmetology license out of High School. She worked in a salon and payed her way through College and got a degree. Ultimately her decision was to stay in the Beauty Industry. It’s amazing to have a skillset and license to lean back on if you decide to pursue other opportunities and change happens.

Robots won’t replace us

The services that are taught to our students require human intuition and adjustments to customize for the guests worked on. For example, a robot can never blowdry someone’s hair as it can not recognize the minor tension adjustments needed during brushing. Most likely that robot will be tugging on the hair too much, causing damage and breakage. The same haircut on curly hair vs straight hair requires the hairdresser to understand the unique characteristics of the clients hair. The only thing that will continue to happen is integration of technology. In our Esthetics program, our educators teach the most current techniques and technology that achieves results not achievable before. But it will always be up to the operators knowledge and intuition that will create the best result, not a robot.

Visit for a tour of our school!

The best way to understand these reasons for joining the Beauty Industry is to visit our school for a tour. Come talk to our staff and students about the reasons they took their leap into the Beauty Industry. Please reach out to to book a tour, or any questions regarding enrollment. We look forward to sharing our love for the Industry!

With much love,

Ty Isobe



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