Eyelash Extensions 101

Eyelash Extensions 101

What is one piece of makeup that you cannot leave the house without? For the majority of people they would say its mascara! Now what if you could wake up with long luscious lashes and completely eliminating your use of mascara? We have a solution, one that is currently all the rage; Eyelash Extensions!

So what are Eyelash Extensions and are they worth the hype?

Let’s start with the application process and what they are made of! Extensions come in a range of materials, thickness and curl options. Eyelashes can be made of mink, sable, faux mink, silk, cashmere or synthetic acrylic. Here at TSPA we use a faux mink. It’s important that your stylist understand the thickness and  the curl on your extension, for it to follow the curl of your natural lashes and for your natural lash to support the extension.

The initial application process can take up to 3 hours, while touchups between one to three weeks can take up to an hour.

A single lash extension, ranging in sizes, is attached — one by one — to the natural eyelash. The application is painless and your eyes are closed the entire time!

So how long do they last? Depending on your lifestyle and your at home skin care routine they can last anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks. You will need a touch up anywhere between 1 to 3 weeks to add or adjust any lashes.

What’s the cost? Here at TSPA Ft.Myers, our price starts at $55 for your first full set and  $30 for any touchups! Our lash artists will give you all the info you need on home lash care and be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

So what are the benefits of this new trend?

Other than the obvious luscious lashes. Lash extensions allow you to ditch your mascara, eyeliner, and lash curler, saving you time in the morning.

Did I mention luscious lashes?

Why you should tour different beauty schools?

Why you should tour different beauty schools

You’ve decided to go to beauty school, and you’re excited to start your career. So what’s your next step?  Finding the right beauty school for you!

Now you may be thinking, do I really have to tour different schools? Can’t I just sign up at my local technical college and be done with it?
Sure, if you feel that’s the right fit for you, but are you really gonna get the education you desire?

Here are a few reasons you should tour more than one beauty school!

1.The Program:
Obviously this is important. If you know your passion lies in doing hair and you have little to no interest in doing nails, make sure you find a school whose focus is in the areas you desire to learn. They will have the best classes and scholarships for you!

2.Scholarships and Financial Aid:
This brings me to my next point! The right school for you will have scholarships and financial aid ready for you. They will WANT you to attend and will have access to a variety of tools. They will guide you in the proper direction for scholarships and financial aid. – of course its up to you to follow through.

This is one of the most important factors for me. You will be spending “your time” in school over the next year. Make sure the culture and environment match up with your values and personality.

Beyond the Chair

More Beyond the Chair

What does it mean when we say behind the chair?

It’s the “field work” of the beauty industry! It’s connecting with new, and interesting people everyday, and being their day maker while revamping their look.

It’s doing cuts and colors, continuously staying in trend and continuing to grow your knowledge with education.

It’s taking an ordinary day and making it extraordinary!

So what’s beyond the chair?

Sometimes being behind the chair just isn’t the right fit for everyone! That’s okay, your cosmetology license opens up opportunities for you that step away from the chair!

So you still want to stay in that salon or spa environment, you love taking care of clients and building connections. Maybe doing hair just isn’t your thing.  You can turn to skin care, skin care includes facials, waxing, spa services, and more.  You can turn from hair to beautify your clients’ skin!

Maybe your niche is makeup and you love a good bake and contour. Weddings and events, or even movie sets! Makeup artists transform clients with skilled makeup techniques. Having a cosmetology license will set you apart from many freelance makeup artists, making you more appealing to makeup brands!

Okay, how bout this, you’ve had a successful career behind the chair and you’re ready to do something different. For some at this point they want to own their own salon and have that be your own boss life.

For others owning a business is just not the step they want to take. There’s another route they can go!

Education! Give back to the next generation with your knowledge of the industry! Cosmetology/Esthetician instructors have even more opportunities than if they had stayed behind the chair! Some people even go on to open up their own beauty schools!

Our conclusion is wherever you want your career to take you, there are many career options you can explore along the way. The first step is having a license in the beauty and wellness industry.

New Year, New Career

The new year comes with a lot of resolutions and instead of the normal resolutions, here is a resolution that is a breath of fresh air.

Your resolutions can be basic, like option number one, eat healthy and go to the gym, both are still good, but tend to die out by the end of the year.

Or your resolution can be life changing, like option number two, embark on a new career journey and earn life long skills and knowledge.

A Job vs a Career

So what’s the difference between a job and a career?

A “job” is just that. It gets by, it does the bare minimum. It’s short term, “jobs” can barely last more than a few years and rarely yield purposeful futures.

A “career” is long term, giving you knowledge and skills to apply to your future. There is always room to grow and continue forward. Your values align with your career and your day to day become less of a “grind” and more of a “journey.” Your future is just a tiny bit clearer with career path set in place.

Why the beauty industry?

The beauty industry offers you the ability to be YOU. Create your own schedule and enter the market as soon as your are finished with school and state licensing. Within this industry there is large variety of specializations! Never get stuck doing the same things day in and day out. Every day is filled with new people and experiences. New purpose, consistent growth, and a wealth of knowledge.

So why NOW?

The new year is the perfect time for reflection and trying new ideas! Why not add the adventure of knowledge and skill to your journey!

Fall Lip Colors!

Fall 2019 Lip Colors

Halloween is over and it’s almost time to give Thanks, sweater weather and lattes galore!

Autumn breezes in, and the beauty community is looking excited for more of those fall colors! If you’ve been wondering what are the best fall lipstick colors to wear, you’re at the right place. Grab your pumpkin infused drinks and maybe a slice of pumpkin pie and keep reading!

Our students love their NYX kits and they have a multitude of options for this fall!














October Makeup Looks

October brings more than tricks and treats! Pumpkin spice and sweater weather,here in sunny florida it’s more like cardigan weather.

One of our personal favorites? The colors. Warm browns, oranges, reds and mustard yellows.

All those colors combined make for some gorgeous smokey eyes and even for your everyday fall look. Of course October would be nothing without some Halloween looks! We’ve put together 5 different looks that we loved for this October!


























BOO! Calling all who wanna change it up this October with a new look! Here is a couple different options for fall blondes, brunettes and red heads. For those that are little more adventurous with their hair, the possibilities are endless.

We’ve picked out 3 different looks ranging from blondes to red heads and 2 more with some of the wildest of colors for this Halloween season!

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TSPA Ft Myers: New Owners “Enthusiastic and Excited”

We would like to use this platform to introduce ourselves, the new owners of TSPA Ft Myers. I am Richie Wermuth and my “partner in crime” is my mom, Min Wermuth.
Min is originally from South Korea, but we would say home to us is Cocoa Beach, Florida. We certainly consider ourselves “water people,” so making the transition to Ft. Myers was quite a breeze. We are also servants to humanity. A belief that we live by is: that to make a dollar in this world you either have to be serving someone or tricking someone; and we don’t ever want to make a single dollar without serving someone, some way.

My mom’s history runs deep in the beauty/cosmetology industry. With a very traditional and Korean upbringing, it was very important to her parents that she go to college and get a degree. So, to afford and put herself through college, my mom did hair on campus, ultimately paying for her full tuition. She majored in fashion and merchandising at FSU. After graduating, she went to work as a stylist for Moss Brothers and joined the “corporate world.” It didn’t take long for her to realize she could make way more money behind the chair as a hairstylist, while having more free time and a flexible schedule. She also saw an opportunity to be a small business owner; thus Tops Hair Salon was opened in Rockledge, FL in 1985. Min opened her own business and went to work as an owner and a stylist, which she did until the purchasing of The Salon Professional Academy – Ft. Myers. Tops Hair Salon today in 2018 is a well-oiled machine of a salon, which she continues to own while managing TSPA Ft. Myers. I will write more about her salon’s stages of evolution soon, as well as what that growth has looked like.

My history in the industry doesn’t run quite as deep as my mother’s, but it is very vast. Before cosmetology school, I was a student at UCF, community colleges, and even Bible College which brought me to live in Hawaii for a time. That whole journey is another post down the road because it sure was perspective altering. So, after Hawaii I knew that I wanted to become a hair stylist and follow mom’s footsteps into the beauty industry. I attended a sister TSPA in Melbourne, FL. It was an amazing learning experience. I was already working in our salon at the time, but upon graduation I immediately became my mom’s associate. With my TSPA training, I went through the associate program at an accelerated rate, and then became a level 1 stylist. It didn’t take long to become a level 3 stylist following the proper systems and metrics. I also realized my talent was in haircolor, so I continued my education and became Redken Haircolor Certified. After a couple years behind the chair it was time for me to make the step towards working to be an artist for a major brand. I was of course drawn to Redken, the leader in professional hair education. As I was going through the audition and training process to become a Redken Artist, L’Oréal USA (who owns Redken) offered me a corporate position and I accepted. My first title was “Redken Artistic Educator” for the state of Florida. In the Artistic Educator role I traveled four days a week to teach in multiple salons and then had one day a week to work behind the chair in my home salon. The Artistic Educator will work very closely with the Salon Sales Consultants and their District Managers to grow a territory from a sales projection perspective. I give all this info not to boast, but to just begin to paint how vast this industry is when you really dig into it. Just as above, I plan to dive deeper in future blog posts into all the avenues this industry offers and how they work.

Now to present day being the new owners of TSPA Ft Myers. We are so excited, grateful and humbled for this opportunity. Like I said, we see ourselves as servants to others and it was always a dream of my mom and I to own a school; but we never really thought it was possible until SPEC (our franchisor) showed us the light. Aside from our passion to teach the craft of hairdressing and the science behind hair coloring, what runs even deeper into our heart is that we truly see this school as a “sanctuary,” if you will; a sanctuary for women (mostly) who are at pivotal moments in their lives (men too, I am one of them gents but we are the minority here). People who need a true career or a fresh start can come to a place where they become part of a team that shares a common belief system and vision. A place where you feel trusted, encouraged, empowered, stretched, and always creative. Not forced into a box created by a system from past generations. A place where they can become professionals in their craft, but also lights amongst the world that will shine so bright for others to see. Signing off for now, if you are considering cosmetology school and this resonated with you, please come in and chat, or schedule a tour. Either way, we would love to see you.

Richie Wermüth – Co-Owner, TSPA Ft. Myers

1st Photo: Mother’s Day 2015

2nd Photo: Redken Symposium 2013 with Ty Isobe

Sweating, Sun-Tanning, and Swimming: How To Keep Your Summer Skin Glowing

Summer is everyone’s favorite time of year. You’re staying out late, lounging at the pool, and going on countless adventures! School’s out which means fun is in, but don’t let that distract you from taking care of your body; and taking care of your face and skin is part of that. Summer is a great time for tons of fun, but a lot of those things can be damaging to your skin, which is why we’ve compiled a few tricks for you to help keep your skin bright and glowing all summer long!

Drink Plenty of Water

couple drinking waterDrinking water helps to flush toxins out of your body and skin. Getting rid of toxins will help keep acne away, and will freshen your skin! Plus with all the sweating and sports that you’re filling your summer with, it is always smart to avoid dehydration.

Your Skin Needs Hydration Too

There’s no other season except summer that is so adept at drying out your skin. This can cause cracking, peeling, and just a general lackluster look. To battle this (in addition to drinking water), we suggest hydrating your skin directly with a facial or a face mask. Try Dermalogica’s Skin Hydrating masque to keep your skin quenched! Or come in to get one of our purifying facials.

Additionally, try using a hydrating foundation. These will keep your face hydrated all day, and protect you from the sun! Check out InStyle’s Top 10 Favorites.

Make Your Peace with Sunscreen

facial sun screenLather on that sunscreen! Though we all appreciate a pretty golden tan, it can be severely damaging to your skin. You might not see it now, but years down the road you will thank your younger self for keeping your skin healthy. Make sure you apply sunscreen with a high SPF, and do it multiple times if you are going to be spending more than a few hours outside.

We know sunscreen isn’t for everyone, so we suggest using almond or coconut oil to help you tan. This will keep your skin hydrated, and not provide such a burning tan. Don’t go overboard on tanning, and learn exactly how much sunshine you should be getting to keep your skin healthy. Check out Wanderlust’s article on the topic.

Protect Your Skin From Chlorine

Chlorine is one of the worst things for your skin because chlorine dries things out. If you spend a lot of time in the pool you need to be aware of what chlorine might be doing to your skin. As your skin dries out, it tries to make up the difference by producing extra oil, which then clogs your pores and can cause more acne! To battle this, make sure you are rinsing off after every pool visit, and showering if possible. Use moisturizer afterward to prevent cracking from dry skin.

Fight Sweat with a Gentle Facial Scrub

woman putting on facial scrub Whether you’re heavy into sports and outdoor activities, or just hanging out this summer, you’re probably sweating a lot. As you sweat out toxins in your body (good job drinking all that water!), they don’t have anywhere to go so they just hang out on your face and body. These toxins attract germs, which is why after even just a few minutes of sweating you begin to smell. Obviously, daily showers are needed to counteract this, but your face is a little different.

To protect your face from gathering germs in your pores, try using a gentle facial scrub. These will help you get out those extra germs and toxins, as well as keep your skin looking fresh and clean. Make sure you purchase a face scrub that uses biodegradable rounded beads. Scrubs that don’t have microbeads can cause tiny tears in your skin which is just another way for germs and bacteria to get inside, which can cause more acne.

We want you to get the most out of your summer, so make sure that you are taking some of these tips to heart. Your back-to-school skin will thank you!

To learn more about skincare and how to administer it, check out our cosmetology programYou can also call us to schedule a tour or just to find out more information at 239-208-3958.

The Differences Between Cosmetology and Other Beauty Licenses in Florida

Unlike many other states, there are many differences in the types of beauty occupation certificates in Florida. The cosmetology based licenses in the state have been broken down into several minor licenses such as hair braider, facial specialist, and body wrapper. While these breakdowns enable many different types of positions within the cosmetology industry, it can be a murky field to navigate.
In fact, many of these licenses have been wrapped into larger licenses, that can make it even more confusing. For example, the nail and facial specialists feed into the Full Specialist’s Certificate, which then feeds into the cosmetology license, making that the all-encompassing certificate. The breakdown of each license is below to help you understand the benefits of each and make a choice that will be most beneficial to your future.
If you have further questions as to the benefits of a full Cosmetology license in comparison to the other Florida licenses, please reach out to our admissions office, we would be glad to assist you.

florida cosmetology or facial specialist license

A simple breakdown of what each license includes according to the Florida board of Cosmetology:

Cosmetology License

  • Hair Shampooing
  • Hair Coloring
  • Permanent Waving
  • Hair Relaxing
  • Hair Removing
  • Pedicuring
  • Manicuring
  • Among Others…

Full Specialist

  • Manicuring
  • Pedicuring
  • Facials
  • Shampooing Only

Facial Specialist

  • Facials Only

Nail Specialist

  • Manicuring
  • Pedicuring

Hair Braider

  • Weaving
  • Braiding
  • Does NOT include Extensions

Hair Wrapper

  • Hair Wrapping

Body Wrapper

  • Herbal Body Wrapping

If you have further questions or are interested in beginning your journey toward a Cosmetology License in Florida reach out to our admissions office in TSPA Ft. Myers.

licenses in florida