BOO! Calling all who wanna change it up this October with a new look! Here is a couple different options for fall blondes, brunettes and red heads. For those that are little more adventurous with their hair, the possibilities are endless.

We’ve picked out 3 different looks ranging from blondes to red heads and 2 more with some of the wildest of colors for this Halloween season!

This warm brunette is the perfect mixture of pumpkin and chocolate brown tones.

Work done by @thegoodhairwitch

This bewitching blonde will give you chills.

Work done by @dreeanaloveee

For our fiery red heads, this sparkle will make all the other witches jealous.

Work done by

Now here are some options for those that wanna step away from the more natural look and dive into the fantasies of Halloween!

Who said unicorns aren’t real?

Work done by @JessicaPowersPaints












Or this vamped red and black?

Work done by @hairbyru

Here at TSPA FT.Myers we are all about growth and change and fall is the perfect time to switch things up! The leaves are changing their colors, why not change yours?