Skincare – Myths and Expectations Clearing the Air

Routine spa treatments hold numerous benefits, but can’t be relied on as a skincare savior clad in a skin-tight suit and cape. They’re great for deep skin cleansing, moisturizing, and keeping current blemishes under control, but your skin needs just as much love from you as it does from a professional. 

As of 2018, about 190 million Americans seek spa services per year (Statista). With so many articles online listing the seemingly endless amount of specialized services, it’s important to draw attention back to the importance of a sustainable, at-home routine. 

The most important aspect of a daily routine is SPF! There are major bodies of evidence that claim prolonged UV light exposure results in about 80% of visible face aging. As of 2018, treatments combating skin aging suggest antioxidant supplements, stem cell therapy, retinoids, hormone replacement therapy, and diet restrictions amongst other, more intensive treatments such as Telomere Modification, which risks initiating the formation of cancer cells in the skin (Zhang). 

In order to prevent wrinkling, loss of elasticity, loose skin, and an overall rough textured appearance, the most important thing to start your day with should be an SPF of 50 or higher. Two great brands for this are Dermalogica, which is offered at our salon, and Aveeno. 

So What Now?

Here at TSPA Ft. Myers, we offer many different kinds of facials, such as the Basic Cleansing Facial, the ProSkin 30 minute Cleansing Facial, and the ProSkin 60 minute Advance Facial. All three are fantastic at providing soft, dewy skin and clearing out any makeup, dirt, and oil from the face. Our Esthetician students also specialize in a 30 minute Back Facial, which is great for cleaning out clogged pores, treating back acne, and hydrating the skin. 

As for pricing, our Basic Cleansing Facial is done by our Cosmetology students, and starts at $25. Our other three facials are provided by our Esthetician students, with the 30 minute Facial starting at $28, and both the 60 minute Facial and the Back Facial starting at $38. 

For the month of September we’re offering a free brow wax with the purchase of a ProSkin 60 minute facial, and all Dermalogica products are BOGO 50% off! We’re currently booking appointments Tuesdays through Fridays, and we’d love to hear from you. Give us a call at (239) 208-3954 to schedule a facial with any of our amazing students!