Learn to Balance Beauty School and Regular Life With These Tips!

Ever wondered how aspiring cosmetologists balance a normal life with their schooling while somehow managing to still look beautiful each day? All you need to become one of those beauty school unicorns is some time management tricks. When you train with The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), Ft. Myers, we strive to help you learn these basics so you can make the most of your educational experience.

We know that you’re likely a very busy person. You’ve got a job, a family, a social life, perhaps a second job or a personal passion project. Even with all that “busy,” pursuing your dreams in cosmetology is possible no matter what may stand in your way. At TSPA, Ft. Myers, we offer half-time or full-time enrollment to help you find a schedule that fits your needs. That means you can figure out the scheduling part of the unicorn life pretty easily, but what about after you enroll?

Here are our Tips for Balancing Beauty School and Regular Life

Create a Schedule

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Knowing what you are facing for the next few months while you are enrolled in your cosmetology program is the most important step to balancing life and school. This isn’t as overwhelming as you would think, however, it simply means that you should think about any upcoming vacations, job changes, moves, or life events you can think of like weddings or childbirth. We know it’s not always possible to plan for some of these things but looking at what’s coming can help you know if a full time or half time schedule will work better for your lifestyle. You and your admissions coordinator can look at what’s coming and create a plan together to better prepare you for your cosmetology school experience!

Are you ready to talk now? Contact our admissions coordinator to schedule a sit-down to look at what works for you.

Plan Ahead

Now that you have an idea of what you could face during your educational experience, it’s time to make a plan! So in addition to finding a schedule that works for you, make sure you’re planning each day the night before.

Some of the things that you should include when making your plan include the following.

  • Fueling your body. Eating is important! Make sure you plan ahead and bring food for lunch or snacks.
  • Check off your list. If you have errands you need to complete, make note of which ones need to be completed at a specific time to stay on top of your responsibilities.
  • Master your skill. Spending time in the student salon training area is what many students look forward to, make sure you know your hours and are prepared to showcase your skill!
  • Fuel yourself. It is extremely important that you plan for time to just relax. Taking care of yourself in this way can better prepare you for a day of training with us!

It might seem weird at first to plan your day in such detail but knowing what’s coming can help your productivity to increase greatly. Plus, you can be satisfied at the end of the day knowing you got so much done.

Do Your Homework

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At TSPA Ft. Myers we encourage our students to stay on top of trends and popular styles. One way to do this is to follow popular beauty blogs or Instagram accounts. This can help you come up with ideas while you’re learning in class and keep you informed on what is going on in the beauty world.

If you see something you are dying to try, ask an educator for assistance. We are always ready to help you master complex tasks – and stay on top of your game! Taking chances and trying new things can help you grow, plus you will build creative ideas that can help build your personal brand.

Be Prepared to Conquer Speed Bumps

You’re not a perfect person, and speed bumps in both your training and in your regular life are bound to come up. These bumps can come in the form of an unexpected illness or family needs. These types of things can easily derail you, but they don’t need to!

Here are some tips to help you face any challenge that comes your way.

  • Be financially ready. When you begin your training, the first step is sitting down with our financial aid administrator. We want to help you make your dreams a reality, and our financial aid administrator is ready to help talk you through options. With financial aid available to those who qualify, your dreams may be closer than you think.
  • Seek support. You classmates are going through the same training with you. They may be facing similar roadblocks, so it’s likely that they can be the support and the listening ear that you are looking for.
  • Be aware of your habits. Be sure that you are getting enough sleep, nutrition, and relaxation so that you don’t burn yourself out. Did you get invited to a wild party the night before an important class? Perhaps it’s better to skip it this time. Prioritizing your time can help you reach the success you dream of.
  • Work hard. Create beauty. Set realistic expectations of yourself and you can create magic! You can’t expect to walk into beauty school and immediately become a top designer. Take yourself seriously, work hard, and you can make brilliantly colored waves!

With the support of your educators and fellow students you can defeat them and continue on your journey!

Now Be Free, You Beautiful Unicorn

Are you ready to begin your training with The Salon Professional Academy, Ft. Myers? We hope you feel prepared to take on the exciting and rewarding challenge of cosmetology school.

During your time with us you can feel empowered knowing that we will work with you to help you reach your goals, and you can enjoy your time learning with our trained educators. We would love you to begin your cosmetology journey with us, schedule a tour today with one of our admission coordinators.