Cosmetology Requirements: Learn What It Takes to Become a Cosmetologist

What Does It Take to Become a Cosmetologist?

Are you the first one of your friends to try a new hairstyle or lipstick shade? Are you always doing someone’s hair color in your head? Do strangers tell you they love your hair, nails, or make-up? Then it’s time to consider cosmetology school!

The good news is that just about anyone can get into a cosmetology school.

Here’s the scoop on cosmetology school requirements what you need to do to get into cosmetology school, and the classes you’ll need to take to become a salon ready Redken cosmetologist:

  • A high school diploma or G.E.D: Cosmetology schools require a basic education to get in and you must have either a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Age requirements: Cosmetology schools admit people of all ages and backgrounds. However, the state of Florida requires our students to be 16 years of age. It’s the diploma’s or G.E.D.’s that future stylists need to have in order to get into cosmetology. 
  • Basic English skills: All kinds of people enroll in classes, but courses at TSPA are taught in English. The ability to follow along in basic English will help you do well.
  • Pass basic classes: To get your certificate or degree, you’ll take fun courses on haircutting and styling, skin care, make-up application, and more.
  • A passion for the job: If you love to style your friends and help others discover their own beauty, you’ll love your cosmetology courses!

With cosmetology programs available near you and online, you can get started on your new career today! Contact admissions. Get started now, book a live or virtual tour. Don’t Forget To Ask About The $15,000 Beauty Changes Lives Scholarships That Can Help You Graduate Debt Free!

Brains Or Beauty? Why not both?

Beauty School Drop-Out

It’s a phrase so common that it was featured in the musical Grease. For generations it has fueled the idea that those who pursue an education in beauty are unskilled, unmotivated, and ultimately unsuccessful.

This stigma is as far from the truth as can be.

At The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), Ft. Myers we see our students overcome these stigmas, create amazing looks, and build futures that some would only dream of.

Don’t believe everything you hear! Beauty demands brains, and we can prove it!

Generations of Success

father and son shaking hands in a barber shop

The stigma of the beauty industry has been around for generations. While people were casting assumptions about those who choose to pursue their dreams, those same people were creating something that truly changed their lives.

By building their own businesses and mastering their skills, these pioneers set a groundwork for others to create careers that can lead to a self-sustained life. Plus, as they raised their families, showing them the success they have built, that passion has been passed on to their children. By supporting them to pursue their creative passions, whether to be in hair or another field, this generation of pioneers has helped create a future full of drive.

A Tradition of Work

mother in salon with her kids

It is the difficult things that are worth doing. It’s the struggle that creates the greatest reward.

Chances are you’ve heard these common lessons before, and for good reason. They are true, and proven again and again. No where is that more evident than in the beauty industry.

Although the industry has been branded as being full of loafers with no direction, to become a successful cosmetology takes work. It takes hustle. It takes networking and branding. It takes advertising and the drive to always learn, develop and perfect the skills that are the foundation of your career.

To do that, cosmetologists have shown their passion and work ethic for generations. Slowly, we have changed the idea that the beauty industry is made for “drop-outs” and instead built on the backs of passion-filled souls who will do anything but.

A Wise Investment

father and son in barber shop

The average cost of a full program at an accredited beauty school is $13,715. This may seem like a huge amount of money, and it is, but when compared against the average cost of a four years degree, which edged over the $45,000 mark this year, it’s a number that is much easier to swallow.

The cost difference between these two opportunities is staggering. While both programs will lead you toward a rewarding career, and give you the education you need to master your future, only one can be done in as little as nine months and have you working in your field in less than a year.

While a traditional degree takes four years and can leave you with a monthly payment equal to your mortgage, an education in beauty gets you into your career faster without smothering debt and coursework that takes you away from friends and family.

This fact may have given cause to the negative stigma against the beauty industry, but this financial responsibility helps thousands of student each year get out of debt and move onto their careers with a financial stability that will last them generations.

Do not let the assumptions of the past keep you from your dreams! Embrace beauty and start your journey toward a new career today!

If you are ready to pursue your dreams, let us be your first step. Schedule a tour today and let us show you how the cosmetology program at The Salon Professional Academy, Ft Myers is prepared to help you get there. With a curriculum developed with both business and skill in mind, the talented staff is standing behind you every step of the way.

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