Back to Beauty School: Tips for Fall!

Summer is halfway over, and it’s time to start thinking about getting ready to go back to school. If you’re a student at a cosmetology school, back-to-school means cute outfits, new school supplies, and of course a fresh image! How do you prepare for this big change? Here are some must-dos for the new beauty school season!


Those lazy summer mornings of being able to sleep in and still have time to do your hair are slowly winding down. Plan ahead to make sure you have time to do your hair, and if you need some ideas, try this fast and easy messy bun that looks like you spent more time than you did on your hair.
messy bun tutorial

Instead, if you want an amazing variation of a ponytail, try this neat trick to add more volume and style to your basic ponytail. In order to achieve this look, all you have to do is separate your hair into two ponytails, and tussle the top one to disguise the second. Not only does it make your hair look fuller, it can also make it look longer, too.
ponytail tutorial

If you want to make summer last even longer, rock a simple beach wave. Give it some character by playing with some fun bobby pin accents. Pulling back your hair slightly will keep your hair out of your face to stop you from accidentally cutting your hair while you’re learning to handle your brand new shears.
beach wave tutorial

Beautiful Accessories

As a student in the beauty industry, you always need a hair tie on hand, but it can leave a nasty groove in your wrist. This hair tie bracelet is a fashionable must-have for someone who needs a hair tie at all times. Not only does it look great, but it feels great, too! Check out the original hair tie bracelet at the company Bittersweet.

hair tie holder

Fresh Makeup

Scrambling to get the last little bit of product out to complete your back-to-school look? Save the hassle and make sure you have enough product by purchasing and replacing old makeup. Even better, use the back-to-school shopping trip as an opportunity to invest in a new eye shadow to go with your glam, new outfit!


If you’re a student in a beauty school, cute but comfortable shoes are a must! Chances are, you’ll be on your feet more than you’ll be sitting. The floors of a salon are extremely slick, too, so find shoes that are non-slip, comfortable, and stylish. There are more than just clunky, black sneakers available now! A good place to start looking is at Shoes for Crews.

Water Bottle

Whether you need your morning coffee fix or just a way to stay hydrated while working during the day, invest in a good water bottle. Working in a salon can be tiring, and a water bottle is a great way to refresh yourself while working. There are so many choices to choose from when it comes to water bottles. A water bottle with a straw could prevent hair from getting into your water while practicing haircuts, while a flip top might be easier to drink out of. Do you want one that’s plastic or one that’s metal? How about one with a straw or one with a lid? The choice is up to you!

Woman with water bottle

Refresh Yourself

It’s not enough to be ready physically. You also have to be ready mentally, too. Going back to school after a long break without the right preparation can be hard to do. You have to put yourself in a completely different mindset. Here are some tips to help you get mentally prepared for the coming school year.

  • Fix Your Sleep Schedule. Summer’s almost over, which means saying goodbye to those late nights under the stars or saying hello to a brand new school experience. Start going to bed earlier than normal to get your internal clock adjusted to getting up early.
  • Organize Your Place. You don’t want to wake up frantically trying to find your kit, your new outfit, or any of your new school supplies. If you get everything ready before the school year starts, it will save you the time and stress of trying to find everything.

Looking to get back to school to feel that thrill of starting a new school season? The Salon Professional Academy at Ft. Meyers has classes starting soon! Check out our amazing programs and apply today!