Sweating, Sun-Tanning, and Swimming: How To Keep Your Summer Skin Glowing

Summer is everyone’s favorite time of year. You’re staying out late, lounging at the pool, and going on countless adventures! School’s out which means fun is in, but don’t let that distract you from taking care of your body; and taking care of your face and skin is part of that. Summer is a great time for tons of fun, but a lot of those things can be damaging to your skin, which is why we’ve compiled a few tricks for you to help keep your skin bright and glowing all summer long!

Drink Plenty of Water

couple drinking waterDrinking water helps to flush toxins out of your body and skin. Getting rid of toxins will help keep acne away, and will freshen your skin! Plus with all the sweating and sports that you’re filling your summer with, it is always smart to avoid dehydration.

Your Skin Needs Hydration Too

There’s no other season except summer that is so adept at drying out your skin. This can cause cracking, peeling, and just a general lackluster look. To battle this (in addition to drinking water), we suggest hydrating your skin directly with a facial or a face mask. Try Dermalogica’s Skin Hydrating masque to keep your skin quenched! Or come in to get one of our purifying facials.

Additionally, try using a hydrating foundation. These will keep your face hydrated all day, and protect you from the sun! Check out InStyle’s Top 10 Favorites.

Make Your Peace with Sunscreen

facial sun screenLather on that sunscreen! Though we all appreciate a pretty golden tan, it can be severely damaging to your skin. You might not see it now, but years down the road you will thank your younger self for keeping your skin healthy. Make sure you apply sunscreen with a high SPF, and do it multiple times if you are going to be spending more than a few hours outside.

We know sunscreen isn’t for everyone, so we suggest using almond or coconut oil to help you tan. This will keep your skin hydrated, and not provide such a burning tan. Don’t go overboard on tanning, and learn exactly how much sunshine you should be getting to keep your skin healthy. Check out Wanderlust’s article on the topic.

Protect Your Skin From Chlorine

Chlorine is one of the worst things for your skin because chlorine dries things out. If you spend a lot of time in the pool you need to be aware of what chlorine might be doing to your skin. As your skin dries out, it tries to make up the difference by producing extra oil, which then clogs your pores and can cause more acne! To battle this, make sure you are rinsing off after every pool visit, and showering if possible. Use moisturizer afterward to prevent cracking from dry skin.

Fight Sweat with a Gentle Facial Scrub

woman putting on facial scrub Whether you’re heavy into sports and outdoor activities, or just hanging out this summer, you’re probably sweating a lot. As you sweat out toxins in your body (good job drinking all that water!), they don’t have anywhere to go so they just hang out on your face and body. These toxins attract germs, which is why after even just a few minutes of sweating you begin to smell. Obviously, daily showers are needed to counteract this, but your face is a little different.

To protect your face from gathering germs in your pores, try using a gentle facial scrub. These will help you get out those extra germs and toxins, as well as keep your skin looking fresh and clean. Make sure you purchase a face scrub that uses biodegradable rounded beads. Scrubs that don’t have microbeads can cause tiny tears in your skin which is just another way for germs and bacteria to get inside, which can cause more acne.

We want you to get the most out of your summer, so make sure that you are taking some of these tips to heart. Your back-to-school skin will thank you!

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